A note from Kristin:

Petra Impact is more than just a solo consulting practice.
I choose to share my engagements with other consultants and organizations to achieve impact. The change I want to see in our world requires collaboration and a willingness to co-create better workplaces and cultures for those working in the social impact and nonprofit world.
When I decided to make the leap from serving as a C-suite executive in the nonprofit world to consulting, I wanted to spend more time engaged in a practice called ecosystem building which takes systems thinking into communities to inspire greater prosperity and wellbeing for all.
Today, my colleagues and I work on grassroots projects to advance ecosystem building at the intersection of philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and economic development. Petra Partners work to support community-led action and human-centered design for change.
We work hard, no task is too small for us, and we find joy in building a strong professional community of practice. For this reason, I am hard at work building a new worker-owned coop startup called Colmena Collective. Stay tuned to see where we take this amazing collaboration!