Petra Partners are Change-Makers, Ecosystem Builders, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Leadership Coaches, Fundraisers, CEOs, Finance Experts, Technical Experts, and Work/Life Strategists.

A note from our Founder, Kristin Leutz

I have spent many years working on small to medium-sized teams who were stretching every resource to increase our impact on some of the biggest challenges in our world. I hired consultants who cost a lot, gave lots of advice, but who really did not give me the hands-on help my organizations needed. I decided during the pandemic to launch a different kind of consulting firm, one that could bring together my favorite collaborators, or what I call my “kitchen cabinet” of experts. Together, we could keep our own businesses nimble and independent while finding ways to partner so we could match the talent of a big firm without all the overhead that our clients shouldn’t have to pay for.

Our group has combined decades of experience in the nonprofit, corporate, entrepreneurial, and social impact worlds. We love to help people build sustainable organizations and businesses. We are seasoned entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and social impact architects who joined this alliance to help each other and to build a more cooperative method of supporting your work. We look forward to meeting you.

“Without community, there is no liberation…”

Audre Lorde